Katheryn Hildreth
Office Manager

Katheryn brings to J&M her skills for overseeing the daily operations of the front office and paying close attention to the details.

J&m Valve, inc. Industrial Valves

Lex Castleman
Sales Manager

Lex started with J&M in 1992 after a successful career as a U.S. Navy Aviator.  Lex was instrumental in expanding the tube fitting and tubing valve lines.

A company that you and your company can trust.

J&M Valve started in 1985 and has positioned itself as a leader in the industrial valve business.

With over 30 years of providing tremendous service, the advantages of doing business with J&M Valve are clear! And our goal is clear... to make you look good to your customers... AND... to add to your bottom line!  As Marty says about J&M and the valve industry , "this isn't just business, it's personal."  

Team members

Tracy McVay
Warehouse Manager

Tracy had extensive experience in the valve industry when he joined J&M in 2001. His extremely attentive eye for detail assures the quality of valves that leave our facility.

Steve Moore
Outside Sales Manager

Steve started with J&M as the Outside Sales Manager in 2007. He travels the country connecting with our customers and 
developing new 

Wendy came to J&M Valve with a strong background in sales, sales management 
​and administration.  We put her to work using all three!

Experience you can trust

Wendy F.
Outside Sales

Jared Moore
​General Manager

Jared was literally born into the valve business, starting with a warehouse broom and working his way to the front-office boardroom.

Marty Moore

From the time Marty sold his first valve, he developed a passion for the business and has been the driving force behind J&M's growth since 1985.   

​​Valves & Tube Fittings
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Team members

It's our people that make J&M a great company.

​It's been said that a company is only as good as its people. Not only do we have customers that have been doing business with us from the beginning, but also almost half of our employees have worked here for OVER 20 years!  That provides a lot of experience and a record that speaks for itself!

Matt Corvin
Sales Consultant

Matt joined our sales team in 2013. He recently moved to 
Inventory Manager for the
 implementation of our new inventory system.